Attendance Policy

· Oklahoma public schools are in session a minimum of 180 days. Parents, by law, are accountable for their child’s attendance. The policy is that children may be excused from school because of illness, death in the family or religious holidays.

· Parents are requested to call the school if their child is to be absent for any reason. State your child’s name, grade and homeroom teacher. Give reason for the absence.

· If a child has been absent for three consecutive days because of an excused absence, parents may call the secretary to request the student’s assignments for make-up work. The secretary will secure make-up work for the student and have it in the office so that the parent may pick it up.

· A note from the parent is required when the student returns to school after an absence. The note should be given to the child’s record teacher.

· Pleasure trips are classified as unexcused absences, and it is the responsibility of the student to ask to make up his/her school work. He/She may want to ask a friend to keep assignments for each subject. Teachers are not expected to help with make-up work for unexcused absences.
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